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Default Could cranking with wrong valve timing bend valves?

Hi. I just replaced the valve stem seals in the head of my 99 SW2.

The damn chain must have moved quite a bit and after i bolted the cams and sprockets back up it wouldnt start. then i realized they were way off so I fixed it. still wouldnt start so cranked the motor once over I retimed the cams at the next TDC (cylinder 1), thinking maybe it was sparking and fueling at the exhaust stroke TDC instead of compression stroke TDC.

When I went to put the sprockets back on the cams and bolt everything up the second time, I noticed that there was a good 1/4 inch gap between the rockers and the cam lobe base circles on the intake side. Only thing I can think of is that ALL the intake valves are not up all the way. Cranking sounds too easy like no compression. (fast as hell). No Start.

So by that my best guess is the valved got smashed for being all the way down at TDC and are too bent to even go halfway back up the valve guide. Before I pull the head, I wanted to make sure this all made sense.

Makes sense that exhaust valves are okay, since they are supposed to be open at TDC on the exhaust stroke.

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