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Attention 01 SL1 taat transmission wiring issue ????

Hey guys hope this works I have spent many hours reading in this awesome site and have read many threads all closely related to my issue but I have a limited budget so I hope I can figure out exactly what is going what is going on is I bought a 2001 Saturn sl1 from a guy for cheap cause the tranny was slipping really bad. When I drove it home I had to limp it cause the tranny was slipping super bad it would take about a mile to get it to 55mph the rpm would go way up and not much acceleration would come of it. When I got it home I went right for the valve body one the transmission and the first thing I noticed was someone was in there before and when they screwed the wire plug down they pinched a wire causing it to go bare so I taped it up after I ohmed the solenoids since I was there anyway All checked out at like 5.8 ohms. I noticed the wire plug was burnt a little bit on A and B posts so I cleaned them a bit and I think it was post K that had been pinched by the bolt. There was a lot of atf on the plug so I blew it out with contact cleaner and put it back together jumped in the car and it was like the tranny was all back to normal again it had response and it would shift like it's supposed to but it did slip a little at top end so I drove it home and the next day I went to drive it the car acted like it was stuck in 4th gear I checked the fuses and found that fuse 3/4 was burnt so I took the solenoids out of the valve body to test them better and when I pulled the first cover up I noticed a lot of water condinsation on it mixed with ATF I tested the solenoids with ohm meter and all were good so I put it back together and I have tested all the wires coming from pcm and fuse box all seemed ok ( I got all my info grime this site) I even tested the solenoids with 12 volts and a 10 amp inline fuse and all tested ok so I put it back together and it is the same now as it was where it seems to be locked up it 4th but it is not blowing the fuse anymore . I also borrowed a generic scan tool and the first time I got many codes all saying that the gear ratios were incorrect and shifting between gears malfunction I have the code numbers if anyone responds and needs them it also had one saying tcc ckt performance or stuck off ,and a battery code... All the codes were cleared and now it only has half of them . I am really thinking it's just that plug going into the tranny but wanna know if it would cause all of thes problems even being tested out ok I wanna fix this but wanna make sure if I buy parts that I get them right the first try but I know it's not always that way please anyone ever had this or know what is going on there is more that I have done but I don't wanna make a book of this as my first thread


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