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Default Re: Fact or Fiction?: Premium Gasoline Delivers Premium Benefits to Your Car

Depending on the car, and how it is calibrated, it may get better gas millage out of higher octane gas.

On my car that has been 'tuned' (I hate that word) for 94 octane will get significantly worse gas millage if I put in low grade, or low octane fuel. It will revert to a 'low octane' timing map, and will effectively take out about 15 degrees of timing, that is a lot of power, and a lot of efficiency. For me at least, it would be about 60 miles a tank. Not to mention the damage to my engine that can occur in the time it runs in the high octane map (until it calculates that there is too much knock)

Of course, this only holds true if your ECM is expecting high octane, premium fuel. If not, it's not a big deal, they have the same detergents in them.


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