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Default Re: The FINAL word about oil additives (I hope)

Originally Posted by Jeff P
I'm not an Auto-RX Kool-Aide drinker, but you are quite incorrect about the lack of "evidence" for the product. Check this link out for the results of a very thorough test of the product. The first post includes both before and after compression #s and pictures.
This link has a guy who measured compression before and after.
Here's one where a Saturn owner reports that it stopped a rear main seal leak.

That wacky site is full of what you could call anecdotal evidence for the stuff - people who swear their car runs smoother/better/better mpg/reduced emmissions/etc. Of course most of them don't bother to do compression tests or take pictures of the valvetrain. There are also quite a few very knowledgeable folks, like actual engineers who do nothing but design oil, who vouch for the stuff.

It certainly doesn't cure impotency or diarrhea, but I think it's safe to say it probably does clean out an engine pretty well

The one that posted compression figures say it went from 460-480 to 480-500...but doesnt mention was the numbers taken under the same condition, i.e. engine hot or cold, etc...any variable could cause a small change...

The other claims it "cleans the engine" and "removed" the varnish...but again, just word of pictures...just, "it performed miracles for me"...

It seems with hundreds of use, SOMEONE would have documented the changes...did the UOA...if it truly worked the Company that makes its would pay an independent lab to do the tests..none of that is present...

Remember, Slick 50, STP, and a host of other "lubricates" have/had a huge following...but there is little evidence it works...Keep the snake oil in vehicles owned by snakes!!!

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