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Default Re: The Astra vs Other Cars

Interesting. As we all know(or should know) Our Astras are European-born cars. By that I mean that it seems that GM didn't "Americanize" them in any way before being sold to the public; though, to be fair, that aux port would have been nice. And surprisingly enough, I've heard that most of the Astras on here didn't come standard with an armrest? Strange because I picked up a used one that had one with a built in cup-holder.

Anyways, in terms of other European cars, what about Volkswagon or BMW(even though their quality is quite bad from what I've seen)? I haven't heard a good thing in terms of quality and maintenance from these cars in recent years. And also, I probably should have added that I'm not in the market for a new car, I'm just curious is all!


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