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Default Re: How far do you let your tires run down..

Originally Posted by Midnight13 View Post
before you replace them?

I came across this topic in another forum about tire wear, and just thought i'd start a thread here to discuss it.

My DH works in a collision shop. So sadly we've seen too many cars come in that have been in accidents, that could of been prevented with better tires.

I have my 2 yr old that is with me 90% of the time. I personally don't keep tires on my vehicles that are under 7/32nds tread.

I'll get them at junkyards or on Craigslist, and never paid more than $125 for a full set so far, and even reselling them for $100 set is more cost effective for me than buying new tires.

I also believe that at least here in NY it should be mandated to have winter tires on at least in Jan and Feb.

I'm one of those people who hopes to get the most out of my tires. The longest I'll go is down to the wear bar, and that's pushing it, since at that point traction is poor on anything but dry surfaces and the tires can be considered "bald". I've done it at least once with every one of the eight cars I've owned over the course of having the privilege to drive.

As far as a state mandate for winter tires, the tire manufacturers and shops would welcome it: more business will come their way as the law-abiding rush to meet compliance, but I can't see it happening without overall resistance.

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