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Default Re: OnStar Module (VCIM)

VCIM is behind the glove box. Do you plan to put a different module in or just remove it to gain access. Are you aware that each VCIM is unique to a specific vehicle? They cant be swapped from other cars. Here is a bulletin regarding....

#PIT4864A: Adding Bluetooth Option RPO UPF Or UWE - (Nov 11, 2009)

Models: 2007-2010 All Passenger Car and Trucks

Technical assistance has received several calls from dealers requesting assistance to upfit their vehicle to include the Bluetooth feature RPO UPF or UWE

There are no provisions to up-fit vehicles with this option. This feature is ONLY available on vehicles built with option UPF, UWE or offered within an equipment option group (i.e LTZ or SLE type package).

Please do not call Technical Assistance, PARTECH or Techline Customer Support Centers with questions on how to add this feature
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