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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

My membership has gone dormant, not checking up like I used to.

These cars are great though, my SW1 just turned 16 and still has all the stock metal brake lines, unreal for Maine's salty roads.

I've been flipping these s-series for around six years: a 1995 that sold for a thousand bucks in 2005 still demands $1000! How about that, zero depreciation. The SOHCs are a darling on various gas mileage websites. History is already vindicating the S-series as being awesome, can anyone imagine how they'd be remembered if they didn't burn oil?

Think of the orphan brands of the 1970s, all the british sports cars etc that still have a cult following. S-series is the next niche. As people discover 2000+ cars get worse MPG (NOx goes down when lean burn goes away) and have more nuiscance CELs for SULEV emission failures, they'll seek out early 1990s cars of all brands... but the saturns will be around as original survivors. Or, they'll be dead but parts will be plentiful and interchange across years. Either way we'll see lots of these things clattering around for years to go!


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