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Default Re: Rebuilt Transmission, Now Fails Smog Check

And to expand on Razzle Dazzle's post, I'd also go after the ECTS/connector, especially if it's original. In addition, address the thermostat. the cat I wouldn't worry about unless you get meteorites in it or if it's physically damaged, or if it's set P0420/P0421 at all. How much oil does the car go through? this may be another factor in failing SMOG as well.

You want a brass tipped ECTS, the 188/195 degrees F stant thermostat (or NAPA equivalent), and the connector should be replaced with one from a junked Saturn, specifically the IAT connector, especially if it's damaged or corroded. USE SOLDER AND HEAT SHRINK WRAPS TO TERMINATE THE SPLICES.

but yes, the emissions numbers would help..

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