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2000 SC2
Default Re: cleaning and changing stuff help

THANKS MAN.. AS FOR CODES THO... i have 2 they didnt give me numbers but said misfire code and also 2rn gear ratio is off.. and the gear thing is due to my valve body.... reverse went out.. got a bonus on my check so ordering valve from the king tomorrow once direct dep hits the bank and then getting the listed above fixed. then get the flex pipe fixes.. i made a thead about a whole but its the dang flex.. per shadytree shop put it on a lift for free. and i seen it... totally commin from the mesh area.. its kinda de-threaded wheere the hole is tho but no worries.. i will get one just gotta sound like my 90 honda prelude for a while lol... once again man.. thans a mill.. i was reading threw the posts and i think u had responded to someone asking about a sl and he wanted to know the quality of wires to get.. lol same here.. sorry for the repeat question just wanted to make sure since he had an sl and i have an sc2.... u rock dude.
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