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Default Re: cleaning and changing stuff help

Originally Posted by djsmoove View Post
ok just a few questions real basic.
just need a few opinions.
im planing on fixing a few things..

plugs and wires.
i shop at advanceauto so if i can have a recommended part number as for both plugs and wires. i see the site does have exact fit for my saturn sc2 dohc. just wanna make sure that the plug wires arent too tall when fitting down on the plugs.
also on the distrib cap should i clean the pins that the wires connect too? if so what should i use?
i know the gap is 0.040 and to double check it.. also seen tuneup grease as well to use on plug tip b4 placing back

Use NGK plugs and regular AC Delco or equivalent wires. You don't need anything fancy for plugs and wires. Use Dialectric Grease when replacing plugs and wires.

oil change
my car has 179994miles on it. which type of oil and filter to use. also should i use an additive when i do like i.e. slick 50 or sumthing?

Use 5W-30; 4 quarts of oil. Standard oil filter. I use STP #3614 filter in my cars.

cleaning egr valve
will just regular carb cleaner will work? well it has never been changed do u thing it wouldnt hurt to change it?

wouldn't hurt to do, but do you have any codes for the EGR valve?

throttle body
never ever cleaned it b4 i seen vids with just regular carb bleaner just wanna make sure that it correct.

Get Thottle Body Cleaner, and remove the Throttle Body from the car to clean up.

recently had my water pump and thermstat changed in sept last yr.. should i do thermost too?

Change it out with a STANT higher temp T-stat. I think the part number is 14579?

when placing what i take off will i need a torque wrench? or just regular tools? and also mainly on the throttle body and the sparkplugs are they to be torque.

please excuse my sill no nonsense questions
as always my saturn gurus i want to thank u in advance for all your help
My answers in Bold... above.

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