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Default Re: outlook prices announced

Originally Posted by Warren
It seems to me that the "base" XR includes just about everything one needs (excepting those with young children that perhaps would want the DVD option) so are we not really talking $32,290 (perhaps $35.5 in Canada) for a very well equipped AWD vehicle. Even at MSRP (and surely the dealers will come down a little from this amount) this is one he-- of a deal IMO.
If as a buyer you only have 2 young kids, that may be so, but if you have 3, if means you also need the captain's chairs in the second row which run $495 (it's too much of a pain to remove child seats to tumble the second row to get access to the 3rd row & keep in mind that child seat laws in many states now require child seats until the kids are 7, 8 or in some states even 9 years old.) In order to get the captain's chairs, you also need to add leather, which is another $1275.

That brings the price up to over 34K. Also, perhaps Iím being paranoid, but I think the ultrasonic parking thing sure would be nice (when I had a Tahoe I backed straight into one of those concrete pylons in a parking lot that was shorter than the rear window & not visible in the rear view mirror. That was an expensive pain in the neck, but imagine if it had been a kidÖ). As I understand it, the parking assist is only available with the Convenience package, which tacks another $1045 to the price. You are now up to over 35K. I know GM is trying to create a paradigm shift here, but closer to $40K than 30K for a Saturn? Really?

As I have said, the vehicle looks great (I like the looks of it better than even the Acura), and I hope it is a success. I just canít reconcile myself to the pricing. Iím really trying to put off a vehicle purchase long enough to let the Outlook get to town. As soon as it does, Iíll test drive it against the Odyssey and Sienna AWD (with three young kids I need the minivan space, but sure would like to avoid it if I can.) If the Outlook has refinement, handling and NVH levels up to the standards of the minivans, I might be able to talk myself into the pricing structure. If not, Iíll probably wind up with a minivan or I might have to go farther up market.

Any updates on availability?


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