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Default Re: outlook prices announced

Originally Posted by robertburns3
My wife wants a minivan, and I have been holding out for the Outlook as a good alternative. I really cannot stomach a minivan. Yes, I know the Outlook is basically a minivan, but it has better doors (In my opinion), and frankly I think most minivans on the market a pretty crappy.

You should also note that the next generation of GM's minivans will be built on the same platform as the Outlook and be built at the same plant.

Frankly, I wish they were selling a Chevy version instead of a GMC and offered it with less content, for less money. That would be more my style. The Outlook is too loaded for my taste. Shoot, my current pickup is 2wd, has roll up windows and no power locks.
Well, I was really not a fan of the minivan either but I could not argue with the logic. Simply put I spent less, got better gas mileage and better cargo. If I have to live with the minivan stigma so be it. I think the T&C is fantastic and I love driving it (something I wasn't sure I would like initially).

I think the issue you are going to find is that as the majority of people begin to demand power equipment options you will have less options available to you. Sooner or later it will cost you more just to get no power options because the market demands power.

I'm not sure what you mean by better doors, that's a confusing statement.. can you clarify?

In reality I think calling my T&C Touring a minivan is really a misnomer. As was stated eariler, it holds a 4x8 sheet of plywood. It's a van, pure and simple. Anything model of car that has a LWB and SWB option should also mean that if you have the LWB, as I do, it can't be called MINI. So I have a van, not a minivan. I suppose I should be happier with Minivan then the potential "maxivan" term.


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