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Default Re: Have You Ever Let a Friend Drive Your Saturn?


- As Dad used to work in a garage, if I have a problem, usually he takes it for a drive
- Mom picked the car up from the mechanic/dealer for me when I first got it. I don't think she's driven it since
- My sister drove it once. I had a call for work (Fire Dept.) and she'd blocked me in, so I took her car and she wanted it back so she brought mine to the station and took hers


- My best friend Justin has drive my car. I was drunk
- My ex g/f drove the car as I was quite tired and almost falling asleep
- A guy at school drove it as he wanted to drive one before buying a Saturn.
- A guy I work with drove it once when I ran upon a call before the guys got there. I ended up riding to the hospital with the paramedics in the ambulance due to a critical patient and my car got driven back to the station for me.



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