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2008 Astra XE
Default Re: Keeping my Astra..?

Hi all,

Well, I had decided to keep mine for various reasons:

1) Want to end the lease cycle and stop eternal monthly payments
2) Staying with GM is most probably the best financial decision because of loyalty discounts. My dealer has been leaving me messages reminding me that my lease is almost up since a year ago. My lease ends this July. Unfortunately, the only car that tickles my fancy is a Regal, but the manual transmission comes in the top model only. $$$
3) I'm at 90 000 km now, that's 10 000 km over the limit with 3 months to go. At $0.13/km that's a bucket load of money.
4) Opelized my car, so there's bound to be a charge for that.
5) I always wanted an Opel since travelling to Europe many years ago. Got one now, might as well keep it.
6) Last, but definitely not least, I really like the car.

As for parts and cost, that is a niggling thought irritating the back of my brain, but we'll see. I was putting on my winter tires and asked what would brakes cost (still on the originals.) The price was quite reasonable. That was a relief.

Another little interesting fact I came across came from a friend who sells cars. I didn't expect him to know the Astra that much, but oh he did. He said that it has quite a following with the youngsters. How 'bout that?

Kind Regards,
2008 Saturn 5dr XE (Opelized) Astra
2008 Saturn 3dr XR (to be Opelized) - OK, it's my daughter's


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