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Default Re: Pulling slightly right

I had a tire issue last year that seemed impossible to diagnose. The car pulled slightly to one side and drove me crazy. I noticed it more while accelerating, but it was definitely always there at cruising speed. If I let go of the wheel on a highway, it would veer to one side.

Mileage was only 100k so nothing is too worn out or sloppy. The alignment shop kept saying everything is straight and within spec. They even tried to compensate for it with extra camber on one side. It started getting worse and developed a slight vibration. Eventually the tire started to visibly bulge from an outer band that had let loose. The bulge was very subtle and hard to see, but with all 4 tires off the car and lying on the ground, you could just barely see that one was slightly more oblong. Just a slight difference in tire diameter across the tread width, due to the loose band, caused the steering to do weird, unexplainable things.

It was time to replace tires anyway, and doing so 100% cleared up the issue.

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