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Default Re: Pulling slightly right

The sight search engine dropped me here, and since this thread was about the same topic, and ion is also a Saturn with front wheel drive and Saturn suspension I started here.

Tires, rim and struts were already new. That got rid of a steady pull (curb attack on the un armed Ion bent a wheel, murdered a tire, LOL).

It had been aligned before and after the new struts were installed.

New tie rods and new sway bar links and SBL bushings added, not yet aligned but replacing the worn ones helped.

I had never heard of heard of loose tie rods causing a pull ONLY when accelerating.

I am still leaning towards possible engine mount/Tranny mount being bad???

In fact all the steering pull issues I ever worked on or had in 45 years were continuous, even while cruising and were almost always bad/new or worn tires.

I will have them recheck the strut caliper bolts and make sure the bottom ones are not moving!!! I agree on that one possibly being cause.

I am 1500 miles from the car, helping my daughter debug the cause.

Thanks for the reply!!!

Originally Posted by David R View Post
Hum... posting to the wrong forum for a Saturn Ion, and its a very old thread.

That said...

Assuming this a new issue, and your vehicle is high mileage. I'd be looking at a host of things in the suspension and steering. Struts aging, worn tie-rod ends, control arm bushing. There may also be other contributing factors as well.


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