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1996 SL1
Default Re: Oil change/filter & trans fluid /filter job completed

I just did that today following Wolfmans How to info. Bought a filter from Saturn Dealer yesturday, Took off the air box and the filter was right there! Drained all the oil out and let it drip a while, unscrewed the old filter which was a Purolator dunno know how long thats been on there? I saw the magnet you are talking about cleaned it off wasnt much anything on it anyhow but decided to just leave it on there. Screwed on the new one on after coating the new gasket. "Hand Tight" Took 5 QTS of the Mobil 1 Synthetic put the air box back together but the middle box in the front I dont know what that is and the small plastic screw or fastner broke and fell down under the bumper somewhere? So i kinda tied a tie strap there until i can buy some of those things Can i ask what are they called and what size do i need? I think i need some more for the rear bumper. So i dont have to change the ATF again for 30,000 miles? Well thats easy to remember since it'll turn over to 200k LOL

Thanks in advance and BTW Thanks for all the help here!

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