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Default Oil change/filter & trans fluid /filter job completed

Well I got some of my long overdue car chores done today. I have been paying the quick lube place on the corner $35 for oil changes for so long that I about forgot how to do my own. Felt good to do one myself for $12. I used the "remove left front tire & remove splash guard to get to the oil filter" method. I must say it was easy to remove the filter and the few extra steps were not that bad. Gave me the chance to look at the brake pads.
The automatic transmission fluid/filter took a bit longer but went well. I used Wolfman,s method of filling the empty fluid jugs with the drained fluid as I put the new fluid into the transmission and it was easy to get the correct amount into the transmission. I removed the air filter box to access the tranny filter. I was sure to use only my hands to install both filters. And guess what???No leaks!
One question....there was no magnet on the transmission filter that I could see.. What does it look like and exactly where would it be on the filter? I called the Saturn dealer and a tech there said if it is not there don't worry about it.
Tomorrow the cooling system drain/ flush/refill and ects replacment will be addressed.
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