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Default major stumble/hesitation accelerating

Today on the way home from my 3k service I took off from a stop light. It picked up to about 10mph and then felt as if the fuel had been cut or ignition switched off. I ran out of gas in my wife's van once when I thought she filled it that morning and didn't check the guage. This felt exactly the same way. I pulled over immediately and checked the oil level as my first thought was it had leaked out and the engine just ruined itself but it was crystal clear and to the full mark. When I restarted the car I noticed the temp was about 1/8 of the guage level higher than usual but attributed that to being stopped only about 2 minutes. It quickly dropped to the normal spot about 1/3 up the scale when I restarted and headed home. I just switched to Mobil One synthetic with Mobil One filter. I don't know if the computer could sense the change in fluid and viscosity and maybe that was the blip during readjustment or what. I really don't see how that could be it but don't know what else to think either. Anyway, if anyone has had a similar experience I'd appreciate hearing what it was.
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