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Default Re: Flashback Friday: The Legend of the Saturn SL3

Actually, it wouldn't be too hard to determine if any SL3's were ever sold... Their parts would be somewhere in the GM parts catalog. In other words, you can't sell a car without also selling parts for it.

It's something for those with the resources at hand to look up.

On the other hand, there have been some things listed in owners manuals that never existed over the years. The manuals were printed before the first cars of that model year ever left the assembly plant. Or sometimes these features only existed for very short time or were only available in export cars. For all we know there may have been SL3's built only for export to Australia for example or other places with less stringent pollution controls. Still there should GM be part numbers for it somewhere.

If he SL3 never made it past the prototype phase, we will never see one. Like I said you can't sell a car that doesn't have available parts.

Oldsmobile actually distributed an overhead cam V8 in the 1960's. It was only distributed to dealerships to be evaluated and driven by mechanics. Most of them went and made a few bucks at the race track with them.... Then they were all recalled and crushed. Pretty much the same thing happened with the Mopar Jet Car. It's just too expensive to maintain a parts inventory for a car with only a couple hundred examples.

It is conceivable that a few SL3's were built and distributed to dealers for testing and evaluation... so there might even be a few photos of them on the road and a few Saturn employees who remember them. But if there aren't any parts in the catalogs for them.. they would all have been collected up and crushed.

As to owning one, it might be nice for a very short while, but without any spare parts or even shop manuals I can't see that it would be practical unless you had a car museum to keep it in.


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