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2005 VUE 3.5L
Default Re: HOW TO: 3.5 Auto Trans Fluid Change

Originally Posted by slowneo
Thanks David, excellent as always.

Do many vehicles make it this hard to fill the Auto Trans fluid ?

(I would never have thought that I would need a 3/8 inch tube)

How common is that?

As most of my years of experience have been with American automatics...this is the first Japanese auto trans I have messed with. There is no reason I can see why they could not have used a 3/4 inch fill tube and let us just stick a long neck funnell into the hole. There is plenty of room down there. No slowneo, most are not as hard to fill as this one. Honda does get some kudos for the EASY to use drain plug. No pan to drop like on a Ford or Chevy.
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