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Default Drove a Aura XE & Aura XR today...LOTS of pics!

The XR was great and the paddle shifters are a cool toy. The XE was better than i expected and felt almost as quick as the XR, though you could tell there were fewer gears to play with. Where the XR would downshift a few gears and zoom off, the XE stayed in the same gear and torqued its way along. Both felt tight and solid.

Here's some nits: the door armrests suck. They are crappy molded plastic from the '70. There should be bottle holders in the door pockets like the Accord and a few other cars. There are no grab handles on the inside of the car, not even on the XR. Neither trim level has a center arm rest for rear passengers. That's about all I could find. Wouldn't keep me from considering one, but I hope GM is planing on refining these details.

The car presents a very dramatic presence in person and drives well.

Here's the first 15 pics XR models:

I'll post the rest in a minute.
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