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Default Re: free loaner

Originally posted by slowneo
I was told that there is no free loaner with the 3/36 warranty
that comes for free with the vehicle.

To get a free loaner/rental you must purchase an extended plan and the repair needs to be more than a "small" job.
I have been given a loaner twice by Saturn of Findlay and both times it was a fairly nicely equiped and maintained Ion 2 sedan (one time was stick shift and other time was auto). I think they might just be giving me one of the vehicles from inventory, I'm not sure, altho the stick one had a pack of cigarettes in it and a couple other items ... not sure who's car I was driving but I had it for four hours and put almost 150 miles on it heh heh heh.

Anyway, I was specifically told by my dealer guy that during the warantee period I would be given a free loaner for any service visits overnight and they would _try_ to get me something when I was there for 1+ hours visits.

I really like my dealer.

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