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Default Replacing full exhaust downpipe(+flex) vs cutting in new flex pipe?

I was changing my oil yesterday when I noticed holes in the exhaust pipe at bracket before the flex pipe. The braiding has also completely broken free and had slid off of the flex part. I see that holes are pretty common at that spot.

I'm wondering if it's preferable to cut out the flex pipe and replace just that part, or to replace the whole downpipe and only be forced to couple/weld once right in front of the cat instead of having to seal two spots on either side of the flex pipe? Also worried that any weld/coupling in front of the flex pipe will hinder replacing the front clamp/bracket.

FWIW, I'm thinking of just using Permatex muffler sealer and a clamp to temporarily/permanently-as-long-as-it-lasts put this exhaust pipe back together instead of finding someplace to weld it. I'm probably getting a new car in the next year or so, lol I just hope it lasts until then...

Also, I attached pictures of the sensor wires that look like they're no longer attached properly (the plastic clips seem to have broken). Does anyone have pictures of where the wires are supposed to be secured?

Thank you
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