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Default Time to Sell my SL1

I have a 99 SL1 that I absolutely love. It only as 48K miles on it. Yes, you read that right. I bought it and a few months later, went overseas for only one year that turned into 4. I am now a housewife and don't drive all that much except for daily errands etc.

While I love my Saturn and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, I worry if something serious goes wrong with it, parts will not be available and I will be stuck with an unsellable car. I figure get some money out of it while I can.

Husband and I went shopping for cars yesterday and the dealership said they would take it in trade, but I expect I won't get much for it. I thought I would do better trying to sell it on my own. He told me they wouldn't be able to sell it on their lot, but on one of those wholesale lots where people with poor credit go.

I saw the bonehead thread, and I am trying to prevent being profiled in there (lol).

I went to a few websites to get an idea of what I can ask for it, but I just have no experience in something like this. Hence why I came here.

I live in Minnesota, the car is originally from Canada, so the speedometer and odometer are in KM, with MPH in smaller numbering. I figure I could try selling it to a parent wanting a good, safe car for their HS or college bound kid.

So, where do I start? I am really sad to have to get rid of this car. I'm sure it has lots of life left in it. The age and the longer Saturn has been defunct, the more I worry about a shortage of parts. I have maintained it, and the only things I had to replace were tires, battery and general inexpensive maintenance. This car has cost me very little money in repairs over the years.
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