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Default Re: Saturn windshield banner decals, does any one have one?

Bout 10 years ago, i did put one of those banners across my windshield. I really think it's stupid, like is it suppose to be there so the driver remembers what kind of car he's driving? Anyways, i had an 89 escort, i put the gt grill and spoiler on it, and the day i drove through a carshow with it and had some kids yell " nice Mustang" i decided it wasnt so stupid on mine. These kids were probably 16, not like they shouldn't know what a rustang should look like, but the 89 scort and foxbody eafly 90s have a very similar look, and with the way my car looked it got mistaken.

Now for the saturn banner..ive got a ricer saturn and think its stupid to put that on the windshield. I did put an oversized pink vinyl saturn emblem on my rear window, the rear bodykit doesnt say saturn so i did that.
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