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You have just experienced, first hand, just how quickly and how far the various strings on this board can be drawn 'way off topic.

You asked: "So, what's the deal with loaner cars? The dealer I bought the car from said yes, the dealer closest to me said no.
Assuming it's yes, is it only for warrentied service, or anytime they're doing work for you? Specifically, I want to bring my car in to get a dent checked out/fixed, and once I leave my car there, I have no good way to get back home or get to work or anything. Should they give me a loaner car? Will they offer to rent me a car at a nominal fee?"

The answer, as to most things in life, is it all depends.

Primarily it depends on the dealer. In my own experience with only two Saturn dealers, they both went out of their way to be helpful. In the first instance, the selling dealer in Halifax, NS loaned me a new LS1 for about three or four days while my LS2 was in drydock for warranty work.

The second instance took place only yesterday when I took my LS2 to the nearest dealer in St. Augustine, FL. After road-testing my car for a front-end vibration and examining my tires, they decide to replace the tires under warranty. But it was going to take an additional four hours to get the tires in. Without any prompting whatsoever, the assistant service manager offered to provide me with a rental AT NO COST TO ME so I could drive home (45 miles) and come back the next day to pick up my car. I said I didn't want to put them to that kind of expense, after all they were replacing my tires with only 15,000 miles (and without arguement). She replied: "Hey, it's not a problem, we're Saturn." Although I decided not to take up her generous offer, needless to say, I was impressed. That incident drove home to me what differentiates Saturn service from the pack.

As regards your specific question on getting a loaner from another dealer to "get a dent checked out/fixed," I believe that request goes 'way beyond even "Saturn service." A dent, whether self-inflicted or otherwise, is not covered by your warranty, and I don't think you should expect a loaner, especially from a dealer who didn't sell you the car.
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