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OPEC, sometimes it may be a matter of opinions, but I'm not wrong all the time. :-P

Granted, the ES300 is a very nice looking car inside and out. But man oh' man, how can you justify $32,000 msrp for essentially an upscale already-overpriced Camry XLEv6 ($26k), and that doesn't even include leather seats or moonroof. Basically, parts on a Camry v6 are interchangeable with an ES300. The ES300 may have some extra sound insulation to quiet it the cabin more than the Camry, but the handling on both vehicles are very similar (smooth and slushy). I would prefer paying thousands more for something more exclusive or even larger in a luxo brand. The ES300 is very nice vehicle, I won't doubt that, but for 32k msrp, I might opt for the Lexus IS300 or again the Acura TL/CL type-S (comes fully loaded) instead. Again, it's all a matter of opinions and preference, and some people do prefer a quieter, nicer look to a Camry with free oil changes and maintenance, free courtesy car or free no mile-limitted shuttle and pay a lot more for it.

back on subject....

I might agree now that it would've been nicer if the service dept would pay for the rental first rather than risking being denied from a reimbursement and taking chances on a higher rental bill you would have to cover. But again, Saturn is by no means a luxo brand where the dealer profits $x,xxx more for the lower traffic they receive. Because of the lower customer base and higher profit margins, the luxo brands can afford to pamper their customers. I wouldn't expect a free courtesy car from either my Saturn or even my Honda dealers. Now on the other hand, if I did have a Lexus or even a Saab, they better give me a free rental if I had to take it in for a TSB that takes half a day.
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