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Default Re: Backup Camera on New Nav

There are two different Navigation units in the Outlook, depending on if there is rear DVD or not. The Navigation-only unit has a CD slot, the Nav/DVD unit has a CD/DVD slot. Unless you have the correct radio, it's not going to work.

In regards to hooking up a rear camera, that's only supported with the '08 navigation radio firmware. There was a lengthy post on here a while back where an individual working with the dealer couldn't get an '07 radio to recognize the rear camera due to the firmware issue. You'll need an adventurous technician with good electrical experience to hook this puppy up correctly...maybe.

There are two Saturn dealer accessory DVD's for the Outlook. One has dual headrest DVDs - watch different movies or the same. The other is a big (10"?) removable overhead DVD, that snaps in and out. And of course there are many aftermarket options to consider, from a roof-mounted installation to simple velcro around the headrest solutions (Target dual screen 7" Audiovox unit is on sale this coming week for $129 I think - of course you'll now have wires laying around and need to used wired headphones...but they cost less too).

If your objective is to get DVD in the rear, putting a factory unit in is probably going to be the most expensive (does your vehicle even have the advanced audio package, which "may" have some of the circuits required in the wire harness? - oh wait, it does as you started with a 6 disk changer). I'd talk to your local Saturn store about accessory DVD options, and even non-GM options they install.
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