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2005 VUE 3.5L
Default Re: Vue performance enhancements?

What Tom92SCm said is absolutely true. In addition, there are (currently) no engine management mods that are available that anyone here is aware of. The Vue uses an odd co-dependent Honda/GM computer that is designed to integrate the two manufacturers technologies. I would advise against messing with it. As for the intake and exhaust, they will not do much for you without finding a way to get more fuel to the engine to go with the increased air flow. Again the PCM is the limiter.
You CAN get a few more "free" ponies by changing to colder spark plugs and running premium fuel. This will trick the knock sensor into allowing the full timing advance that in designed into the PCM. Charlie will be posting an article on this soon.
Lastly, remember, you bought a vehicle that weighs about 3400 lbs, has the aerodynamics of a shoebox, and has all wheel drive. Don't expect more of it than it can deliver.
Good luck with it!


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