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2007 VUE Green Line
Default Re: Clean camshaft sensors - 2.4 L

I know this thread is over a year old, but I just wanted to thank everyone who contributes valuable information on the forum!

My 2007 Vue with the same 2.4L has been sporadically giving P0010 error codes and has the same metallic 'banging' sound at startup.

I didn't diagnose the error code further because it always seems to go away on it's own...and I just assumed the sound at startup was a part of the exhaust system rattling because I couldn't narrow down exactly where it was coming from.

After finding this thread I decided to remove both 'sensors' and clean them and sure enough, the startup noise went away!

I'm not sure how long of a 'fix' it will be, but if I hear the startup noise come back and I continue to get the error code I'll probably have to replace both parts, but at least it's a simply DIY-job thanks to all the great info here.



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