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2000 L-Series 2.2L Sedan
Default Re: Sell or Keep 2000 L-series wagon ???

Originally Posted by cavalier View Post
The rule of thumb that I've heard in these matters is if the vehicle is costing you in excess of what 3-4 monthly car payments would cost on a new car, it's time to dump it.

Keep in mind these costs are not for routine maintenance items, but rather spot repairs that need to be made.

Coming from someone with a 2000 LS1 with 208,000 miles on the clock, I'd keep it if I were you.

Plus even with a new car nowadays it can be a real crap shoot, especially as I hear about car owners with vehicles from various manufacturers (Ford, Nissan) having problems with variable transmissions, making me question just how great this newfangled technology really is.

As for parts availability I really don't think it's going to be a major concern for another 3-5 years yet, so save up them bucks for a new ride in the meantime (unless, of course, the situation I posted about up top begins to happen).
good point, i have a 2000 ls1 with 169k miles on it


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