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Default Sell or Keep 2000 L-series wagon ???

My daily driver is a 2000 L-series wagon with 149k miles on it.

no accidents
did the full 100k service at a dealer
new stearing pump at 35k miles
new water pump during 100k service
burned out driver's seat heater
1 new coil pack at 140k miles
rear rotors at 120k miles
front rotors & pads every 35k miles
did left drivers door check, now needs right one (CLICK)
no visible rust
original SS mufler system
AC is great (could make ice if needed)
all original shocks/struts
front end noisy (ball joints, bushings, etc.... something is in need of replacement before my next PA inspection in March 2011)

It still drives strong and it is reliable.

I'm the original owner. If I keep it I wouldn't do the timing belt and plugs at 200k miles for diminishing returns.

My fear is that it is in the money pit days of its life. I realize that spending $1k or $2k over the course of a year is cheaper than car payments. But, with Saturn gone I'm forced to seek a private garage.

I enjoyed the dealership. They were nice. i know I paid a little more for work and parts, but I NEVER had a bad experiance.

So this is an emotional thing for me. Do I stay the course for another few years or get out of it before it get expensive???

What do L-Series owners in my position do?

Thannks for any feedback.

Eric (wayne, PA)


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