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Default Re: Penske Automotive Terminates Discussions with General Motors to Acquire Saturn

To whom it may concern:

I know that none of you even know who I am so let me tell you about my life and Saturn(s). I have spent literally thousands of hours reading Saturn news and formus on various sites without ever putting my 'two cents' in (BTW: I have visited at least 6 days a week since since 2000 -Saturnalia). Charlie you are a godsend and I truly feel your pain. I have owned several Saturns: 1991 Saturn SL2 - 38th car to ever roll out of Spring Hill, 1993 Saturn SC2 - a lot of $$$ in performance upgrades (204.97 whp), 1995 Saturn SL2, and my favorite the 2002 SC2 - more money in performance & customization than you can possibly believe.

This has to be the saddest day of my life. I was about an hour away from spending $1,200 on my LSD for my 2002 SC2. Now the trouble is getting my car back to stock so I can sell it. I feel so betrayed (lost & hurt). Saturn was, and now will die being the last 100% american car company left. GM & Penske dropped the ball on this gold mine.

Too think, I was actually hopeful that Penske was going to save the American Car Company, with an American Car, by Americans', for Americans'. Not that im pedjudice - I just take pride in seeing the "made in the U.S.A." sticker on my car. This is the End of the American Dream for the guys who dared to dream big enough to make Saturn what it was. This truly is the saddest day of my life; next to the loss of dear family and friends.

I would like to thank everyone else that shared in the passion that was 'us' the 'Different Kind Of People with the Different Kind of Car'.

Save Saturn.
Lee T.

P.S.--> So how long do we have to wait till we can make and sell our own Saturn replacement parts? (Seriously.)

2002 Saturn SC2 - tuner project
1995 Saturn SL2 - everyday driver
1993 Saturn SC2 - tuner project
1993 Saturn SC1 - recently sold to roomate
1991 Saturn SL2 - brother flipped/to


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