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Default Re: Replace PCM in 2000 L-series wagon

fdryer, thank you for your reply. I'm trying the ecm replacement (purchased from bone-yard) for several reasons. This car is a flood-car (I knew this when I purchased it back in 2002). It's had intermittent service / service engine soon lights through out its history. I just had the dealer replace the throttle body for the second time in 3 years as this is what the codes were telling them along with other codes O2, knock sensor, those were also replaced and I'm still getting the lights as well as intermittent engine cut-outs while driving; reduced power light also activates sometimes. Sunday (8/10/08) the lights came on again, stopped at parts store that reads codes. Well, they said the throttle position sensor, among other codes were on. I'm loosing confidence in the dealership to diagnose and figure that the new ecm (for $100) was worth a shot.

I'm going to return to the dealership and have them match the ecm to the care and see what happens. If that fixes it I'll argue with them about why I paid all the other money to them. If not I will do as you suggest - work up all the codes, symptoms and history and return here to the forum.

Thanks again --- Mike


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