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Originally Posted by oseberg View Post
Have you ever actually worn an engine out by failing to change the oil? I've been through several handmedown vehicles that were given to me in very neglected condition, and I continued to neglect them. The only maintainance was repairs of failed parts, keeping the oil pressure light from comming on, and keeping them from overheating. And I have yet to wear out an engine by neglecting oil, and filter changes. I actually saw one vehicle when I was a kid with an oil pressure gauge that was reading fine when you'd start the car, then if you reved the engine, it would go up, then down to below where it was before you reved it. Then you rev it again and it would do the same but end up with even lower oil pressure. You could do this a few times and get the pressure really low, then stop the car, wait a few seconds, then restart it and the oil pressure would be high again. Changing the oil filter solved the problem. This was in an MGB with an oil filter so old that it was full of junk that would get stirred up and clog it more every time you reved the engine just like a fuel filter I once had.

That said, I still don't recommend doing this to a car you care about or really need to keep running, but pretty much the only important thing is to not run out of oil. As long as there's enough in there to keep the oil pressure within specs, the type of oil, amount of oil, and the age of the oil really doesn't matter much.

However, I haven't experimented enough with my Saturn to know if the type of oil has any effect on the clogging of the rings. I suspect that the additives are more important than the oil itself. You can probably be fine with using the cheapest oil available, and using some sort of engine flush product maybe every 5 oil changes or something.
Over the years I have had a few used cars that I got real cheap that had received poor maintainance and they were oil burners and had poor oil pressure too and I have seen a few friends ruin engines from not changing oil.

Originally Posted by oseberg View Post
Can someone explain what SB, SL, and SM are? And why would SB ruin an engine?

SA is basically pure motor oil with no additives. SB had some anti wear and anti oxidation additives but still no detergent. (SB is good break in oil on a fresh rebuild to run a few hundred miles) Starting with SC they added detergent to it and with each increasing grade they have added more to oil (detergent, anti foaming etc) Below is a link to a general chart of ratings.

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