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Default Re: 98 SL2 serious noise/vibration issue, now with video!

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
When you spend the time to ask on forums and keep an open mind, you're past the stage on relying on repair shops. As you found out, you can make diy repairs.

Other than state inspections where every garage by law must inform a car owner of what failed and hopes to have the work done right there, my guess is most repair shops aren't going to give opinions and let business drive off for another opinion. You do more to search online, becoming a member on a car forum that sometimes give more info to help than repair shops since repair shops operates on 'time is money' principles. Since no one here gets paid for sharing info, free advice comes with good and bad suggestions. It's always on you to make an informed decision.
Hah, guess you are right! I am beyond the point of the repair shops. Gosh, this place up my road really screwed me hard a couple years ago. Charged me about $2,000+ for parts + tires to fix a traction issue on my mom's Chevy Impala. Never fixed the issue. I ended up fixing it last year with a new wire that only costed me $30 bucks on amazon! I started doing all of my own mechanical work because I hate these shops. I don't believe all mechanics are crooks, but the good ones are hard to find. And yeah, inspections... don't even get me started on those idiots for that. They often fail things that aren't wrong and overlook things that are actually serious.

ANYWAY, update on the car. I cancelled my Amazon order cause I'm impatient, bought an upper motor mount at Advance for about $10~ bucks more. I had to drill out the holes a bit more on it to fit on, but I got it on, torqued to spec. I am sad to say the car is still making the noise. But, there is ever so slightly a difference in the car now. There was less vibration in the car and things seemed smoother, but the noise is still in the wheels. In fact, really smooth at times. It needed to be done regardless of the noise. Upon taking out the old mount, the rubber padding inside was completely broken and cracked.

Yes, the right wheel. I have been wondering if that is an issue, something in the right. I have not touched that bearing, but perhaps I should try that next.


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