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2006 VUE 2.2L
Default Re: Engine Ground Wire (braided)

Originally Posted by Redline2004 View Post

New member, first post. I was doing some routine maintenance on my car and I happened to notice a major ground strap loose (see photo). It is located on the top of the engine (viewed from under the hood), on the drivers side of the engine. The engine end of the wire is securely fastened to the engine block, but the other end is floating. I cannot see anything nearby that it could even reach to. It is possible the other end was put back on in the wrong orientation so it isn't reaching what it is supposed to. If anyone can check theirs out or has an answer to this it would be greatly appreciated.
I have a picture of that ground strap where it is attached to the head on a 2006 Saturn Vue 2.2. I had the head off and photographed different angles so I would know how it goes back. Don't know if this will help. The other end goes to the valve cover and I believe there was a stud facing the driver's side with a nut securing that strap.

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