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Default Re: Thought I'd Introduce Myself

Originally Posted by icanbeaghost View Post
Hey y'all, I'm Keely. I'm 26 and hail from a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. I'm so glad to know that there are people out there who love Saturns as much as I do! Anyway, I have a 1996 SL2, 5 speed, that I purchased in 2010 with like, 140k. I drove it for a year and then the water pump went out suddenly and it overheated and I was devastated. But lo and behold, after another year and a whole lot of drama and heartache, I got my baby back with a new motor imported all the way from Montana and am once again back in the saddle! I adore my car and whenever she decides to leave me for good, (which won't be for a long, long time if I have any say about it), I'm definitely going to be in the market for another model.

Peace, love and Saturn!
I'm fairly new to the forum also and welcome you!
I'm curious about your water pump failure....did you get any warning signs like a loss of coolant or visible leaks? Any other warning signs like a high temperature gauge reading?


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