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Default Re: Seat Belt Motor Repair

There are one of two solutions:

1. Find a replacement Seatbelt Motor, which is in the center console.

2. In your Instrument Panel Junction Block (On the Passenger Side of your car...Fuse Panel Access: Do the following:

A. Put your key in the ignition to get accessories running but not the car. (You will have the warning lamps on the dash lit up.)
B. Pull the Driver side Passive Restraint seatbelt connector toward you and to the back of the B Pillar.
C. Go to the Passenger side of the car and open up the Fuse Panel Access.
D. Pull the Fuse that is number 16 (P Rest). It is a Natural Colored 25 Amp Fuse. Once you pull this fuse, your Passive Restraints (Seatbelts) will remain in the same position regardless if the car is on or off.

If you do this, use common sense and still pull the belt across you when you drive, otherwise you may run the risk of getting ticketed for not wearing your seatbelt.


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