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Thank you for all of your kind comments. I'm glad I'm not alone in my assessment of Saturn's choice for steering wheels. They gave the good one to the Vue and Relay, now let's hope they offer it in the Ion and L replacement. I kinda felt the L and Vue had a fair share of interchange on their parts, but I'm curious what the size difference is in the Vue airbag versus the L airbag. I wouldn't want to put an airbag in with so much cube and/or force that it ends up being more dangerous. Will the L airbag fit in the Vue wheel or do you have to spend the $400- for the Vue airbag (and is it safe)? My goal is to make an L Sport Wagon using the Super Charger kit from GM for the Ecotec 2.2 per the article below (has anyone done this?)

"April 1, 2004 New Ecotec 2.2L Supercharger Kit

The GM Performance Parts 2.2L supercharger kit is based on the Eaton M62 helical roots-type supercharger. Early estimates show the supercharger kit will deliver an 11-pound boost resulting in 175 horsepower at 5600 rpm Ė a 25 percent increase.

The kit will include supercharger assembly, intake manifold, all required gaskets, accessory drive brackets, tensioner, belt and new high-flow injectors. It will also include a throttle body adapter new inlet air duct, new cruise control cable and all of the fasteners required to assemble it to the engine. The kit is planned to be emissions certified and include a calibration to be downloaded by the dealer after installation

The GM Performance Parts 2.2L supercharger kit, expected to be available at the end of this year, will be offered as either a hard parts kit with no calibration or harness, or a platform-based street kit that will have both a calibration and harness. Both will be factory engineered and extensively tested to rigorous GM standards for performance and durability. Because the unit isnít offered as a factory option, youíll have to get yours through your local dealership."

In addition, I would like to change out the factory wheels with Sport Edition Tekno 16 x 7 rims with 225/50 WR16 Pirelli Pzero Nero M + S tires. Has anyone went this wide on an L tire? I think they should take up to 235mm.

Those of you who've looked at my pictures saw my proposed redesign of the ION interior a la Mini Cooper. What about the new L-series replacement offering in dash Nav? Remember when Saturn was the first to put sunroof and leather seats as optional on an economy car? Now its the norm. Except for the aforementioned Mini and the redesigned Nissan Altima, you can't touch in dash Nav in a car under $25K.
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