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Default Re: 2002 LW300: Recommended parts for timing belt and water pump replacement


Thanks for the information. The parts for both the timing belt kit and water pump are RockAuto recommendations based on my serial #.

I've not read anything regarding seals on other timing belt posts on Saturnfans. Mitchell On Demand directions for timing belt replacement mentions nothing either. I'll assume they are not needed for the Saturn.


Thanks for the link to your timing belt post. I missed that one when looking before. The directions I have from Mitchell On Demand are good, but missing a lot of detail. Your post and others should help fill in the gaps.

Also, just replacing the belt would save money, but I'm wondering if I should replace the idler pulleys while I'm there--noise or not? (Engine has just over 100k.) I'm okay spending a little extra money for the kit. Wondering too if the kit idler pulleys are as nice (sealed bearings) as the originals?

Back to my original question: For the water pump, does it matter whether it's Bosch, Gates, ACDelco, etc? I just want one that will last a long time seeing that replacement is such a pain.

Thanks in advance.
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