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Update: I was able to push start the car and get it closer to my house.
(thank you fetchitfido for mentioning the key position, i actually did not realize this at first, despite it being ridiculously obvious!!)

I parked down a *slight*hill so I could push start again.
Cut off ignition and tried to restart. Would not restart.
A buddy of mine, who is a saturn-guy, says the fuel pressure drops as the car sits, so as time passes, it is harder to push start. Any clues on how long this actually is?
Also, how do you push start on flat ground?? Just push it, and then jump in?

Not sure how I am now going to get to the starter purple wire (and/or neutral safety switch)for testing, as I have it parked on a hill (for restarting purposes) but need to jack it up somehow. I did try to crawl under it as-is, but wasn't really able to get far enough under to reach the starter, for testing.
I think I found the neutral safety switch on the firewall, but was not able to remove the connector, not to mention figure out how to jumper it for testing.

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