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Default Fan always on

P0481 code. Malfunction on high speed cooling fan control circuit

Fan comes only after I've started the car and then it stays on.

It does not come on when I turn the key to the ON position, with engine off.

Relays are fine and are not stuck.

The ECT and the IAT sensors are fine and reading rational temperatures. Engine load is OK. TPS position sensors are OK.

Using a scanner, while the car is running I can turn off the fan by the commanding the computer to turn it off. And when I command the ECM again to turn on, the fans will kick on.

So what in the world is going on here?

Maybe I will need to check the A/C stuff? I am rather jaded with the car stuff lately. I've had to trouble shoot and fix multiple problems the past 4 months and, always on weekends where I have the most work to do.
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