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Default Re: My best fuel economy so far

Originally Posted by leogag1 View Post
Sunshine, 28 C, no wind, 45% relative humidity... the ideal day!

I even took photos of the DYC while driving, to keep a proof that it already happened... I'm not sure I'll be able to do it again.
If you can do it again let us know as it will be a miracle. The wife's XR 3.6 will get a best of 23mpg at 70mph on our interstates and about 19mpg in combined driving. Vehicle weighs over 4000lbs and has the aerodynamics of a brick compared to my C5 Corvette which also weighs way less.It gets 27mpg at 70mph avg. which makes it the economy champ in our household. (PS-with her driving not me!)
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