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Default Re: 2008 Saturn Astra Info and Photos

Originally Posted by PaulGraz View Post
You're right - they should also take all that other useless stuff off - like the power windows & locks, the air bags, the A/C, the power steering & brakes, ABS, the fuel injection (carbs are much simpler), the radio - all that stuff will just break eventually anyhow...

Have you considered a nice low mileage 62 Chevy?
Now you're just being stupid. I said unmolested..not stripped.

Meanwhile - and I know this sounds preposterous - but there might be people that actually see value in the On-Star system...
Then by all means, let them buy one equiped with it, and pay more for this added "value!"

As for the rest of us, sell us one for LESS without it! Its about getting and paying for what YOU WANT, not what GM thinks you should have. (And we are not talking about required equipment here!) And there is no way not to use is ALWAYS ON and hardwired into the computer (BCM) control systems of the car.

Originally Posted by myoung
The 2.2 is old and in need of a redesign. It's pretty much unchanged since 1999 when it made it's NA debut in the L-Series. Why does anyone think it should be in here? The 1.8 has VVT, which is why it has nearly the output of the 2.2 with 18% less displacement
The 2.2 / 2.4 Ecotech is a proven powertrain. If it ain't broke, you don't "redesign it." Modified 2.2's have produced horsepower numbers approaching 800! Even the turbo version in the ION Redline (which folks raved about) did quite well, even detuned for the driving public.

Old Saturns never die, people KILL them, so check your damn oil!
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