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Default This is possibly a first...

Yes I'm back to reap the sweet rewards of the knowledge on this forum.

LoL anyway. This is a question about my 99 SL2, 75K, 5 speed.

I've been noticing a little more oil loss than normal lately, say, between 1/8 and 1/4 of a quart every 450 miles. It's been more toward that 1/4 quart, and now when I turn on the cold air (NOT the A/C) I can distinctly smell oil. I cannot smell it with the A/C turned on, nor with the heater on. ONLY with the cold air turned on.

I have just recently changed the oil, and I'm not noticing any leaks whatsoever (save for a small stain around the VGC, which has been there for some time now). Also, I am NOT getting any SES light. I DO have an oil breather filter installed and it's brand new... the old one was filthy.

Any input is greatly appreciated. I am stumped on this one.


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