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Default crazy trans problem

04 lw300, service wrench comes on intermittently sometimes once a day and sometimes five times a day. hard shift in every gear. turn car off for a minute and problem goes away and sometimes is fine rest of the day. sometimes comes back on within five minutes. i have a worn out ignition switch that was rekeyed to the old key and will let the key be removed while running. when key is removed the wrench light will come on and it will shift hard. also dash lights will flicker or go out at night when driving if hi/low switch for headlights is activated.could that be ignition switch related? i have read everything on the shift and wrench issues that i can find and answers range from maf, to o2 sen, to pressure solenoid, to fluid and filter change, fluid lvl and on and on... the intermittent issue that ranges from once a day, to five times a day to not happening for a week is what has me stumped. also could a worn or broken trans mount cause this issue? i have noticed over last couple of times driving thar when making a left hand turn it feels like the frontend is shuddering almost as if skipping through the turn. maybe also a mount?to late to look at now but going to give it all a good once over in the daylight. any help or suggestions are appreciated and i will also post what i find so it may help others......


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