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Default Re: Battery Disconect

R_J_, with more details on your collection of vehicles and already using battery maintainers, leaving running vehicles on the street with a power disconnect shouldn't be difficult. Perhaps the new disconnect isn't just right. One way to tell would be examining the bolts and seeing if they match other disconnects. Like gears, bolts should mesh together otherwise two different thread sizes won't mesh at all. If necessary, try a simple bolt mesh using two known bolts you're familiar with. Just mesh them together with heads facing away from each other. Once you see how easy to check thread matches, take a different bolt thread and try meshing - you'll see how quickly they won't mesh. This is without knowing thread size. For side terminal batteries and knowing all side terminal batteries use the same thread size, take a bolt off either the battery positive or negative cable and use it for reference.

Its too easy to state 5/16-32 or 1/4-20 or 6-32. Much easier to work with known bolts on battery cables fitting perfectly into side terminal batteries without knowing thread size. Taking the battery cable bolt for reference, you can determine thread size and length. With a battery disconnect, I don't know if it comes with bolts or if you supply bolts. The main issue is using the correct length bolt(s) to prevent stripping the soft leaded side terminals on batteries if a too long bolt bottoms before the adapter is pulled into place, risking destroying soft leaded threads. Since side terminals are shallow and threaded into lead, this presents two major problems when not using existing battery cables and bolts - all made to fit precisely without thinking when replacing batteries but may cause problems if not aware of these things. Conventional top post terminals are always tapered lead requiring a matching tapered battery clamp to 'strangle' the top posts without causing any problems. Side terminals with shallow threads can create headaches when not aware of soft lead threads easily stripped with just a little too much force, ruining a perfectly good battery.

Have you considered using an adapter that turns one side post to a top post? This would allow attaching the disconnect switch on top of a (presumed) brass top post adapter connected to the side terminal with a battery bolt. You'd have to ensure this adapter will fit with clearance under the hood and not short circuit on the underside of the hood. You must consider the stress this adapter may create as it becomes a lever if the battery cable isn't long enough and strains this adapter to pull on the side terminal attachment point. On the other hand, if the battery cable pulls in the opposite direction then it may not strain the side terminal. With any mod, consider all the mechanical issues involved.

Some members here, in the past, custom made battery terminals from brass stock - bent, drilled and tapped to connect auxiliary power cables to feed their multi megawatt amps. Pictures are posted but you'll have to search for these threads. Brass stock is easy to work with and corrosion free if you want to make a right angle adapter for a top mount power disconnect. Or any angle if space is tight. Either drill and tap threads for the disconnect switch for side terminal setup or buy a top post terminal and simply bolt it onto the brass stock. Anything is possible when a little imagination is used. Google for images from those adding amps and needing power taps.

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